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How do I choose a speech pathologist?

A lot of people are unaware that they can choose who they want to see. After finding a therapist via Google, the Yellow Pages or Speech Pathology Australia you simply phone the therapist to make an appointment.

Some children are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care plan or a Chronic Disease Management plan which entitles the recipient up to five Medicare rebated sessions per year. These plans need to be written up by a Doctor and a referral sent to your speech pathologist of choice. If you would like further information on whether or not your child may be eligible please contact your local GP.

There are however, may therapist out there so how do you choose the right one for you child?  I suggest you call the therapist and ask some questions.  You may like to ask these questions below.

Are you a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist?

Yes. Every year I complete the required number of hours of learning and training in various areas. I also continue to learn through the provision of mentoring of other speech pathologists and supervising student therapists at the University of Queensland.

The professional self-regulation programme to become a certified practising speech pathologist is a voluntary programme for Practising members of Speech Pathology Australia. This programme provides an objective means of measuring and acknowledging a speech pathologist’s commitment to continuing professional development.

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Do you see children the age my child is and with the concerns I have?
I see children from 3 years to 15 years focussing on five areas; talking clearly, participating in conversations, learning to read and write, talking without a stutter, and communicating in socially appropriate ways.
Are my other children allowed to come to therapy?
Yes. I have a large room where many families bring along siblings to therapy. Most of the time they play with toys on the floor, occasionally I may include siblings. If other children are being quite disruptive, I may ask that you take them outside into my garden for a few minutes.
Do you provide me with ideas or games to practise at home in between sessions?
Yes. One of my passions is not only providing you with ideas but skilling you to put these into practise. I also like to listen to how your family operates and provide you with ideas on how to implement different strategies within the many activities you already do with your child; whether it is as simple as brushing teeth or spending time driving in the car. I want parents to be able to work effectively with their kids amidst their busy days. Say, ‘good-bye’ to guilt trips and ‘hello’ to growth and change.
Do you communicate with teachers or other relevant professionals?
Yes if I have your written permission to do so. You are allowed to tell me who you are happy for me to talk to and anything that you do not want shared with that person.

Ask any other questions you have.   If you have other questions of me please don’t hesitate to call.

You can also search for a speech pathologist via the Speech Pathology Australia website;

What is a speech therapist?

A speech therapist or a speech pathologist is university trained to help people across the lifespan with many forms of communication including; talking, listening, reading, writing and communicating via sign or technology. Speech pathologists also work in the fields of feeding and swallowing.