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Upskilling parents – my passion.

At Jigsaw Speech, Language and Literacy it’s not just about the kids, it’s about you too.   My passion is working with parents to assist children achieve their communication goals: whether that is speaking clearly, taking part in a conversation, talking without stuttering, reading their favourite book or communicating with their friends in socially appropriate ways.  

Going to see a therapist should be both enjoyable and challenging not just for the kids but for the parents too. No-one wants their child to have another melt-down when they need to get to an appointment and every parent wants to be a part of their child’s development and not cast to the side. So if you want to…..

Be an agent of change – develop skills so that your input is making a direct and positive impact on your child’s development.

Be recognised – for the wealth of information and insight you have with your children.

Be there – when your child reaches their next milestone.

Then call me to make your appointment now.  

At Jigsaw Speech, Language and Literacy parts of every session are focussed on you as the parent; involving you in therapy (having a go), answering your questions and refining homework ideas to suit your specific family dynamics. Your concerns and ideas are always welcome and also assist in the goal setting process.

When parents are integrated into therapy, taught what to do, feel confident and capable to implement specific strategies within their family’s routine - they do them.   When parents are part of the team and supporting their children at home regularly, progress is always improved.   The best value for money therapy is where the parents/caregivers are skilled to provide effective input multiple times a week whilst only paying for therapy weekly or fortnightly.

I am finding it hard to understand what my kid says...

When children are very little their attempts to talk are often full of errors and this is may just be a part of normal development. However, parents typically understand their children even when others cannot, so if you are struggling please read 'when should I be concerned?' – click here, and decide if you need to make an appointment to see a therapist for your child.