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What to expect

Initial Consultation

Once you have an appointment with Jigsaw Speech, Language and Literacy for your child….

An initial consultation with me typically lasts for one hour. During this time I will ask a range of background information questions on how your child has developed until now. I will also commence and often complete an assessment or two that relate to your concerns. Some assessments however, are lengthy and some children’s difficulties are complex and may warrant assessment over another session or two. At the end of the initial consultation I endeavour to give you my first impressions, tell you whether or not I think further input is warranted and I ask whether you are happy with me and would like to return. If I believe your child would benefit from support from another professional such as an audiologist, occupational therapist or another I will also tell you


If your child's skills are delayed in one or more areas regular therapy is typically commenced. Parts of every session are spent with you as the parent; involving you in therapy (having a go), answering your questions, discussing homework and refining homework ideas to suit your specific family dynamics. Therapy is typically done through well thought out games. Specific ideas are written down for you, cards and games are also provided.

How long will I need to attend therapy?

The length of therapy is very difficult to gauge especially at the beginning.   Some children have gone from having severe speech difficulties to mild delays in three months, whilst other children who have only one sound to work may find things very difficult and take much longer to develop. After a few sessions, for those who need more, I endeavour to discuss what I think therapy will look like, when we should review your child’s progress and discuss how many more sessions may be appropriate.

Progress Reviews

Progress reviews are completed regularly to help me determine the direction of future therapy, to keep you informed about how your child is progressing and to see when it is appropriate to discharge your child from therapy. Formal and informal reviews are conducted.

What if I can’t get to a session?

Parents are requested to communicate as soon as possible if they are not able to make a session.  For those wanting a regular time slot a $50 refundable deposit is required.  If you are unable to attend a session a make-up session will be offered.  If however, you do not attend the make-up session then the deposit is forfeited and another deposit will be required to secure a regular time-slot. 

Reviews or breaks from therapy.

Children take breaks from therapy and return for a range of reasons. Sometimes a child is very close to having reached their goals and I believe the parent has the skills to support their child’s development without seeing me regularly. However, in order to monitor progress periodic reviews are often helpful. Sometimes children are accessing multiple therapists and need a break from seeing so many so that they can focus on one thing in particular. I am happy to listen and negotiate a break from therapy if you think you or your child needs one.


Ultimately we want our children to be reaching their potential. When a child is performing as good as their peers I suggest that a child is discharged. Sometimes parents simply say that they want an assessment and to attend a few sessions to skill up and gain some ideas on how to support the development of their child. This too is okay and a child will be discharged after that. Parents have the right to determine when they would like to finish therapy with a therapist.

I am finding it hard to understand what my kid says...

When children are very little their attempts to talk are often full of errors and this is may just be a part of normal development. However, parents typically understand their children even when others cannot, so if you are struggling please read 'when should I be concerned?' – click here, and decide if you need to make an appointment to see a therapist for your child.